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Chris and Sharon

Founders of this wonderful business. What started in 1988 as a extremely small enterprise selling Magical Beans at craft markets has now become home to almost 100 wonderful employees! Chris still controls the purse strings, and Sharon is still doing design work. Due to an incredible Management Team Chris and Sharon are able to take some time out! We are, after all now in our sixties!



As the Office Manager Sean has the most awesome job of looking after the Beanland Head Office. Working closely with Chris and Sharon and our wonderful Team makes each day more exciting than the last.

Lucky and Nozi

Lucky is the Technical Manager at this amazing company. My primary role is to design and produce tools for our bath fun products. In the process, I ensure products are manufactured efficiently and fast enough - so that all our customers always have stock to keep bath time fun ongoing. My secondary role is to arrange and coordinate exports to our clients in countries such as Germany, USA, UK and Lithuania to name a few. Spreading the bath joy to the world!

Noziqhamo is our very efficient Production Manageress. I check the incoming orders, check if the sponge shapes, colour and die numbers are correct. I then calculate the order, plan and action it on our white planning boards. I make sure all the departments work according to the plan and orders are finished and dispatched on time. I work with 76 amazing woman who sing whenever they feel like singing! I love what I do and I’m happy to be part of the company that puts smiles on children’s faces.

Cohan and Luyanda

Cohan is our Accounts Executive and heads up our Sales Team. Selling the best Bath Toys ever makes being the head of the Sales Department very easy. Seeing the joy on the children's faces when they receive their Bath Beans and Sprudels is the best feeling ever. Preparing the payroll puts a smile on all the Bean ladies faces, bringing happiness to the entire factory.

Luyanda is our Cape Town sales rep, and our Health and Safety Officer. I am responsible for keeping and making all the Cape Town stockists happy. I also look for new clients. I love interacting with store holders as people in the toy trade are such fun, happy people! I am also responsible for the well-being of the employees and make sure that all The Bean People work in a safe and healthy working environment.

Nonz & Annie

Nonhlanhla is our GMP Officer. I ensure that all our products leave the factory in the highest quality and provide children with a magical bath time adventure. That means sampling raw materials before production begins, keeping and providing up to date documentation, overseeing that up-to-standard products are produced and lastly testing that the Bath Sprudels and Bath Beans perform as expected.

Anthea is our Personnel Officer I am much like a Shepherd(ess) (responsible for keeping employees engaged and content in the field) My flock is 74 ladies strong. I am responsible for their feed (pay) and am also a gatekeeper, I know who’s inside the kraal and out (absent list). I monitor their grazing (tea & lunchtimes) and guide and discipline wayward sheep accordingly. Sometimes we have sheep that do not respond to the guidance and disciplinary procedures, these are sent to the slaughterhouse (unemployment) I am also here to protect, guide and watch over them (first aid, disciplinary and grievance mediator)


The Cutting Department

Annelisa is the supervisor of this department which is where everything starts. Without these wonderful ladies we would have no sponges for our Bath Beans or Sprudels! They do a wonderful job with their big machines to cut all our funky characters. Annelisa's machine is called King Kong!

The Picking Department

This incredible team of woman, under Zintle's guidance remove all the characters from the sponge. We also send picking work to Joyce Chevalier Centre. These two teams need to work very hard to prepare all our sponges for dyeing!

The Dyeing Department

Our dyeing department is supervised very efficiently by Ntombozuko. She makes sure her ladies dye their sponges exactly the right colours!

The Sprudel Departments

The Moulding Department

Sindi very efficiently supervises this large department. She makes sure the recipes are correct, and the moulding is done neatly. She also makes sure the right number of Sprudels are moulded in each batch.

The Sanding and Sponging Department

Nosiphiwe keeps a close eye on her team to ensure the right Sponge shapes go into the right Sprudels! This only happens once these ladies have sanded the rim of the Sprudel very carefully away.

The Plugging Department

Once again Sindi is our Supervisor! Boy, Sindi is a very busy lady!

The Wrapping Department

Ziyanda runs this department. This is definitely our noisiest department as they chat away whilst wrapping their Sprudels.

Beanland Sprudel Makers

This lovely group of ladies makes all the Sprudels for our local sales. Nozi, our Production Manageress looks after them to make sure all Sprudels are up to standard!

The Loading Department

Sive is in charge of making sure the correct sponges get loaded into the capsules. This is so important, because once the sponges are in the capsules, we can't tell what they are!

The Bean Packaging Department

Pasi and Pam are responsible for putting all the Beans into their packaging.

The Sprudel Packaging Department

Roezona is in charge of Sprudel packaging and Sprinkle manufacturing. She needs to communicate effectively with the Beanland Sprudel makers to ensure we don't run out of Sprudels. These ladies also package up all overseas orders, and make sure we have enough stock for our local shops.


Phaphama, Busisiwe and Mfuneko make sure that all our orders get packed up beautifully and shipped to the right destinations. They are also the final check on quality so all products leaving the factory are in mint condition.


Last but by no means least are our wonderful cleaning ladies. They spend all day, every day making sure that our factory is spotless, and can often be heard singing as they move between the departments.

Gauteng Sales Representative

Rozelle is so amazing! Still with us after so many years, she whizzes around Gauteng checking on displays and delivering many wonderful bath time adventures to her shops.