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Will they stain the bathtub?

No. Our colorants only change the color of the water. When you empty the bath, all the color will drain out. If any remains a simple rinsing of the bath with fresh water will clean the bath completely.

My child has skin allergies. Will they harm his/her skin?

We have had many reports that our Sprudels soothe eczema, and a few reports that it irritates eczema. They may in fact help with sensitive skin as the Sprudels contain Sodium Bicarbonate which soothes eczema and itchy skin for example.

What happens if a child drinks the water?

All the products are made with food grade ingredients. So even if a child drinks some of the colored water this will be no different to the child eating colored cake icing for example.

Are the products safe?

Yes. The products have been made for over 33 years in South Africa and to date not a single incident reported. In addition they comply with EU toy safety standards where they have been sold for over 20 years and more recently they have been tested against US toy safety standards. The products are, however, suitable only for children over 3 years old, as children younger often put things in their mouth and whilst this generally does not form a problem, a choking hazard exists if a younger child places any solid part of the product in their mouth. We also subscribe to the belief that children under 3 should be supervised by an adult when bathing.

What are the colorants made of?

All the colorants and fragrance used in the Sprudels are also food grade and fall under permitted colorants specified by the EU and FDA.

Can you use them more than once?

Both the fizz effect and the appearing effect of the Sprudels and Bath Beans only happen once but the sponge toy remains, which kids collect and can keep to play with in or out the bath when dry.

How many sponge toys come out of the Bath Beans?

Generally each Bean contains two characters. So the standard pack of two Bath Beans contains four toys. Sometimes, however, this may vary, for example with the Unicorn Rainbow Bath Beans which have more in order to build the rainbow.

How many sponge toys come out of the Sprudels?

Always one.

What colors do the Sprudels come in?

Blue, Coral, Yellow, Green, Turquoise and Orange. Six different colors.

Do I know which sponge characters will come out of the products?

For the Bath Beans the shapes that will appear are on the packaging. For the Sprudels the shapes are randomised so it will be a surprise as to what toy emerges from a Sprudel. Within a six pack product there will be no two toys the same and the single Sprudel shapes are also randomised to prevent duplications.

Will the color dye a child’s hair?


How often do you bring out new products?

We normally bring out a new packet of Bath Beans every year. When this happens one of the older packs from the range will be dropped and replaced by the new one. The range remains at 8 varieties. We have several new Sprudel products up our sleeves.

Do they work in cold water?

Yes but the Bath Beans take longer for the sponge toys to appear. They have been used in tropical sea water and worked the same as in a child’s warm bath water. Also can work in swimming pools in warm climates.

What is the capsule made from?

Gelatine, the same material used in medicinal capsules. Essentially an animal product – not vegan.

Are the products non toxic?

Yes and tested independently to confirm this.

What is the foam toy made of?

Polyurethane Foam.

Can the packaging be recycled?


Can I put more than one Sprudel in the bath?

Yes! It is fun to do color mixing with the Sprudels.  See what happens if you put a yellow and blue Sprudel in the bath at the same time.

What ingredients are in the Sprudels?

Sodium bicarbonate (75%), Citric acid (25%). A small amount of food grade colourant and flavour is added to this with a little water. Sodium bicarbonate softens the water and is good for the skin.

How do you get the sponges into the capsules?

With difficulty!  But seriously, each capsule is loaded by hand. We emphasise job creation in our manufacture process.